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Younger Lives return to King's College Hospital in 2019

Following the success of our 2017/8 Life Age programme, we are delighted to be back at King's College Hospital in 2019.


We kicked off the 2019 programme at the King’s health and wellbeing event in February, where we experienced an overwhelmingly positive and honest response from employees about how they feel about their health and happiness, and what they felt they needed to improve.

We then joined forces with the King's Occupational Health and Communications teams to devise and implement a full 12 week programme and supporting campaign that was officially launched on the 29th April.

King's College Hospital 2019 Life Age website

The initial response has been great, and after the success of our 2017/18 campaign we look forward to another year of great learnings and success!

Here's what a couple of King’s employees had to say about the 2017/18 programme:

"I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you. During the 2018 programme I managed to take 9 years off my Life Age, and then went on to lose over 50lbs! I totally believe that undertaking the Younger Lives programme set me on the right path"

"I'm so glad I followed the Younger Lives Guide. It made me realise that my weight was affected by my stress and low mood and what I actually needed was a new approach to life not just another diet!"

If you would like to discuss how you could run a similar campaign in your organisation, please email us on


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