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Habit Partners® combine the science of behaviour change with the art of product & service design to solve complex problems and drive measurable success in the real world. 

We work in partnership with our clients and pride ourselves on bringing a heavy-hitting 'A team' to everything we do.

The Founders

Dr Holly Whelan and Dr Mark Cobain founded Habit Partners® and Younger Lives in 2014.


They are passionate about using a behavioural approach to solve big problems, helping people achieve success and making a positive impact in the world.


They have doctorates in neuroscience and psychology and have 20 years+ experience working in behaviour change, healthy ageing, marketing and evaluation. Mark is the original inventor of heart age and Holly has managed many multi-million pound consumer and corporate brands. 

More about Mark

  • Co-Founder of Habit Partners & Younger Lives

  • BSc Psychology & PhD Neuroscience

  • 20 years + working in disease risk reduction, health and wellness

  • Senior advisor to the American Heart Association Centre for Health Technology & Innovation

  • (Prev) Research Fellow in the Framingham Heart Study/Boston University

  • (Prev) Editorial Board, American Journal of Health Promotion

  • (Prev) Director of the ‘Healthy Ageing’ research group within Unilever

  • Original inventor of Heart Age the concept and patent holder for the underpinning algorithms

Lo Res Holly head shot copy.jpg

More about Holly

  • Co-Founder of Habit Partners & Younger Lives

  • BSc Biology & PhD Neuroscience

  • 20 years+ working in consumer health & wellness and behaviour change

  • Social marketing and health & wellness
    communications expert

  • Teacher at the School for Social Entrepreneurs​

  • (Prev) CEO Heart Age

  • (Prev) Director of Global Heart Health Unilever

  • (Prev) Director of Unilever Corporate Brand

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