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Life Age® for the Workplace: For the 'Big Majority' not just the 'Big Boys'

We know that times are hard at the moment and money is tight - and during these times, it's vitally important that companies can support the health & wellbeing of their people in a cost-effective way.

That's why we've launched our Life Age® for the Workplace service at a cost that makes sense for everyone - whether you're an micro, SME, charity, community or large multinational. Prices start from just £250

99.2% of our UK business population work within micro and small businesses (0-49 employees), the vast majority have very little access to any workplace health & wellbeing support.

Life Age Works

Many health & wellbeing campaigns struggle to engage people at a fundamental level. Life Age® works by providing a personally engaging way to motivate people and build habits that are proven to keep them happier, healthier and 'years younger' now and into the future.

The Life Age® test has already been taken by 1000s of people, shown to encourage habit change in published research, and has been successfully used in both direct to consumer and workplace settings.

Life Age is Affordable

We have a range of options to suit all budgets - starting from just £250 for a simple 'plug-and-play' Life Age campaign, through to expert talks / live webinars - and even bespoke company programs and health & wellbeing consultancy packages.


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