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Workplace Health: It's time for a cost effective and personalised approach

Humans are NOT machines. We are also not all the same. Each one of us has our own unique set of work and home circumstances, lifestyle, genetics, age and associated physical & emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Having talked with many HR Directors over the years, it seems that a lot of companies already have a large array of benefits, solutions and support on offer for their employees, but the problem is that they are simply not known about, and under utilised.

Whilst this is highly frustrating for HRDs, it is not a new phenomenon - if it was just the mere existence of information and services that made us all healthy - we should all be 'superhuman' with everything that is available on Google. However, as just 'humans' we need a bit more help.

This is where human behavioural theory helps. First, we humans need to be aware of what we need, then we need to feel motivated enough to want to change, and then we need simple ways of finding solutions that are personally relevant and we can trust will work.

That's why for many employers the next generation of workplace health is not going to be about offering more and more services, but about better engaging their employees and then getting the right solutions to the right people. This type of personalisation approach is not only more helpful, but also can create better employee engagement and loyalty and is also more cost effective.

If you recognise this problem please get in touch, as our new Work Life & Me digital product could be the perfect evidence-based solution to cost-effectively personalise your workplace health benefits and solutions.


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