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Press Release: Life Age in the workplace - putting employee capacity at the heart of organisational

Younger Lives are on a mission to help build peoples’ capacity to bring their very best to work – by combining physical and mental health with happiness and meaning.  This unique combined approach is already resonating across the private and public sector, with Younger Lives working with clients ranging from city workers at the pan-European exchange Euronext, through to NHS workers at King’s College Hospitals.

Younger Lives’ co-founder, Dr Holly Whelan, explains: “The wellness and performance of employees should be at the very top of every company’s agenda. An employee’s potential to deliver isn’t just based on their professional skills and experience, but also their ‘capacity’ levels – that’s their ability to bring their very best to the workplace. And that comes down to their physical and mental health, their resilience and their sense of happiness and meaning.”

Younger Lives are specialists in creating high impact, measurable behaviour change programmes, which deliver against the very specific needs of the companies with which they work. The team behind Younger Lives previously worked as scientists and marketers for Unilever where they gained their experience of what makes individuals and organisations ‘tick’. Now they’ve created Life Age, a scientifically validated score that shows how peoples’ physical and emotional lifestyle choices could be preventing them from operating at their optimum in and out of work.

The Life Age test measures nine lifestyle factors which drive health and happiness (Weight, Diet, Physical Activity, Smoking, Alcohol, Stress, Sleep, Mood and Life Satisfaction), and provides personal reporting at an individual employee level and aggregated reporting at a team and company level. This integrated approach unlocks the opportunity for individual employees and the company to discuss issues and jointly take responsibility for improvement, increasing engagement and improving performance both at the individual and company level.  As behaviour change experts, Younger Lives believes strongly in creating programmes that are tailored to specific needs, and works closely with senior management, HR and marketing, to use the insights gained from the aggregated Life Age results to tackle individual health and wellness, organisational culture,  policies and relationships as needed.

Younger Lives’ co-founder Dr Mark Cobain says:  “Life Age’s power in the workplace comes from it being scientific, trackable and intuitive. It engages individuals about their personal health and wellbeing in a way that motivates individual change - no one want to be older than they are - but also makes them think about how health fits with overall happiness. It also stimulates conversations within teams and the organisation as to why they are older or younger. This is the essence of engagement.  At the same time the company can see the patterns too and together they can tackle the issues as employer and employees,” he said.


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