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Case Study: Life Age workplace success at Euronext London

"The hectic corporate world of finance can sometimes be

demanding, so we wanted to support our employees to

become healthier and happier, developing the energy and

resilience needed to be at their best, both at work and at home.

We already had fruit in the office and subsidised gym

memberships, but we realised that wasn’t enough; the holistic

approach of the Younger Lives programme really resonated

with us. The Life Age test gave our employees an insight

into how their lifestyle choices affect them. The follow-on

programme was a great way to boost resilience and energy

levels - we hoped that by the end of the programme, everyone

would have increased their health and happiness, and lowered

their Life Age.

To support employees as they followed their personal Younger

Lives programmes, we ran regular catch-ups and drop-in juice

breaks, and organised sessions with experts to help improve

areas such as sleep, stress and energy management. We also

co-ordinated a team of Euronext London health and happiness

ambassadors, who published their weekly tips and advice for

small, sustainable lifestyle improvements.

As a result, Euronext London was delighted to find that through

sustained engagement with the Younger Lives programme, our

employees took an average of 4.3 years off their 2017 Life Age".

Sophie Bishop, HR Business Partner, Euronext London

I used the Younger Lives campaign to focus on developing small, sustainable nutrition and alcohol management techniques - Christian

I used Younger Lives to develop five stress management techniques, to decrease the damaging effects of low-level sustained stress - Alex


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