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Emotions Change Habits
& Habits Change Emotions

The Science & Art of Habit Change for 'Real-World' Success

We all like to think of ourselves as rational beings, but most human behaviour is driven by habits, biases & emotions. 

Habit Partners® specialise in helping products, services & organisations change habits, transform lives and drive measurable success.

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Habit Change Consultancy

If you are building a new product or service, or looking to improve on what already have, our habit change consultancy can help. 

We don't just provide theoretical guidance, but work closely with you to understand your challenges and drive measurable success. Clients include Unilever, Bupa, Movember, Royal DSM and the NHS.

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Habit Change Solutions for Health & Quality of Life 

Our evidence-based solutions help people build the health and quality of life habits they need to feel at their best - irrespective of their age or health status.


Including Life Age®, The Younger Living Edit, Diabetes Age® and Heart Age services.

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Habits to Support Workplace Energy & Wellbeing

Skills & competencies are only half the story when it comes to workplace success.​ People also need the health, wellbeing and energy to operate at the top of their game.


Life Age® for the Workplace offers talks, workshops and online solutions to help individuals & teams build habits that keep them at their best.​

“Habit Partners have been instrumental in helping Movember health promotion define its focus, target audiences and behaviours since 2017. We would not hesitate in recommending them"

Sarah Sternberg, Movember


​Founded in 2014, Habit Partners® is a unique service that combines behavioural science with a 'people-centric' approach, and recognises the importance of commercial requirements for real-world success. We work internationally with clients across the public, private and charity sector.

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