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Nursing You successfully helping nurses in the UK for over a year

Delighted that our digital program supporting UK nurses post COVID ( has been now running for over a year - and is continuing to successfully support our NHS heroes care for themselves as they care for their patients.

Nursing You is the result of a long term collaboration between Younger Lives and C3 Collaborating for Health.

The digital tool is a specially tailored version of our evidence-based Work Life & Me digital platform that helps people understand the 4 key areas that ‘drive or drain’ their energy, performance and overall wellbeing - physical health, emotional wellbeing and the work & home environment.

After taking the short assessment, the tool provides provides nurses with their own personal report, detailing what is driving (and draining) their energy and provides links to a range of support materials and services specifically tailored to your needs. These can range from financial advice, to diet and weight management, to mental health support.

Designed by nurses, for nurses: NURSING YOU is a free online platform that helps nurses care for themselves so they can keep doing what they do best – caring for others.


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