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Case Study: Life Age workplace success at Tait Walker

The Tait Walker team really enjoyed using the Life Age platform. It was easy to use and gave everyone a very insightful look at their physical and mental health. We found it so interesting to see the little things that can make a big difference to how we look and feel.

Many employees have put into action some of the suggested ways improve their ‘weak areas’ and are working through their personal plans. Feedback has been great and doing it as a team has encouraged everyone to motivate and support each other.

From a company perspective, we have been able to learn more about how healthy ‘Tait Walker’ is on the whole. This has prompted the business to create several initiatives to support staff in ways which will benefit everyone, as well as signposting the team to areas of help and support for them as individuals.

We have done this alongside Better Health at Work, a North East healthy workplace initiative that also support the effective use of ‘Life Age’. We’re now bronze members and proud to be part of such a great workplace initiative.

Following Life Age results, staff have increased energy levels and health and fitness seems to be a much bigger conversation around the office. Engagement with staff is higher than ever when it comes to discussing key issues such as well-being and mental health. Life Age has been a great tool to get us to this stage.

Graham Dotchin, Associate Corporate Finance at Tait Walker


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